Course Syllabus

CS 2503 Scientific Programming

Fall 2002

Instructor: Mr. Steve Nuchia

Contact: (918) 631-3870 CIS Annex room 110

Department of Math and Computer Science

Office Hours: 10:00-11:30 WF Room KEH M207A

13:30-15:00 MW Room KEH M207A

Graduate Assistant: Parijat Kar

Office: U348b MW 16:30-19:30

Contact: (918) 631-3243

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MATH 2014 Calculus I


Title: Essential C++ for Engineers and Scientists

Author: Jeri R. Hanly

Publisher: Addison Wesley

Course Objectives

Teaching Methods

Lecture will be used to explain concepts which may or may not be covered in the text book. Students will be responsible for topics assigned from the text as well as additional topics covered during lecture. Projects and labs will be assigned in class and posted on the web. Attendance at and participation in lectures and lab sessions is expected of all students.

The lab assignments are designed to reinforce lecture material and to ensure that you have successfully applied all the elements you will need to use in the projects. You are expected to prepare your solutions to the lab problems in advance and use the lab period to resolve any questions that may remain. Many students find group labs to be a very productive learning environment. Use it well.

There will be five or six distinct projects assigned. Ample time will be allowed and late submissions will be severely penalized -- unless arrangements are made in advance. Projects may require more than one deliverable on different due-dates. The student is responsible for meeting those deadlines.

Students with some programming experience and the recommendation of their major adviser may elect to complete a special project rather than one or more of the assigned problems. Special projects should be of significance both scientifically and in terms of programming effort. See me individually if you are interested in this option.

Student Evaluation

There will be two mid term exams and a final. The material is cumulative.

Programming Projects 150 points

Lab 50 points

1st mid term exam 100 points

2nd mid term exam 100 points

Final exam 100 points

Total 500 points

Academic Conduct Standards

All work submitted under your name should be your own work. Students

are encouraged to discuss the material and to assist one another with minor technical points. As a rule, any discussions should take place without writing. Ideas due to others must be credited appropriately.