CS/ES 2503 Project


To:        Software Engineering Department

From:    Quality Control

Date:     September 9, 2002

Re:        Help with causes of tolerance problem

We need your help in determining the cause of some manufacturing tolerance problems.  We have purchased some automatic sampling equipment that will measure two properties of the process.  What we need you to do is to write a program that will interface to the sampling equipment and produce a statistical report for us.

The details of the software interface should be here early next week.  In the mean time, could you please research the kinds of statistical analysis that can be made on two-dimensional samples?  Look up “correlation coefficient” and see how much effort would be required to program it.  Also, see if any related statistics might help us determine whether the two variables are causally related.

Is there already a piece of software that will do what we want?  If so, what are its features and how much does it cost?

Please provide a 2-3 page report, with references, a summary of the mathematical concepts, and an outline of how your program will work.  I need it by 8 AM Tuesday, the 17th.  I should have the interface specifications for you by then.

Thanks for your help,

Steve Nuchia