Week 1: Chapter 1 through section 2.2
no homework

Week 2 (August 26): Through section 2.6
homework due Thursday, September 4th.

Week 3 (September 2): through 3.3
homework due Thursday, September 11th.

Week 4: We actually covered only through 3.5. We are skipping 3.6, but we'll either pick it up later or you may elect to do a simulation project.
homework due Thursday, September 18th. The sections 3.7 and 4.2 introduce formal notation for things we've already done informally. We will cover those on Tuesday, but do as much of the homework as you can in advance.

Week 5: Chapter 4. Section 4.3 will be the cutoff for the first exam.

Week 6 (September 23) review and exam 1.

Week 7: Complete chapter 4 and start chapter 5.
We will also assign the first project.

Week 8: (October 7th) Continue chaper 5. We will not study 5-6 and 5-7 at this time.
homework due Thursday, October 9th.

Week 9: Through 6-2 (Note change: we're postponing the rest of Ch. 6)
homework due Thursday, October 16th.

Week 10: Hypothesis Testing: through 7.3
We will have a quiz over distributions Tuesday at the end of class.
homework due Thursday, October 23rd.

Section 7.3 will be the cutoff for the second exam.

Week 11: Hypothesis Testing, continued
homework due Thursday, October 30th.

Week 12: Exam 2: Material from chapters 4-7.

Last days: conduct the survey and hand in the results, if at all possible, to Evening Operations by 6pm Monday, December 1st. Here are the instructions and survey form. We will meet in one of the computer lab classrooms Tuesday and Thursday, December 2nd and 4th. We do not meet Tuesday, November 25th.

homework due Tuesday, December 2nd.