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Overlapping Data Sets

In a digital signal filtering application there is an underlying sequence of data values tex2html_wrap_inline677 and successive input vectors are overlapping subranges


One customarily chooses a reset state for the internal latches equivalent to assuming tex2html_wrap_inline679 for all i<0. While m=1 in many applications, decimation filters are an important exception. There the stride, m, is the decimation factor.

After tex2html_wrap_inline687 has been input, all but the last m of the values in tex2html_wrap_inline691 have been communicated to the circuit. In this circumstance we require only m wires to supply the circuit with the new inputs. When m=1 the data stream is said to be serial; this is frequently the case in audio applications.

The n-m overlapping data values must be retained inside the sum-of-products circuit from one problem to the next. The shift register arrangement that accomplishes this is the well known tapped delay line.

Stephen W. Nuchia
Mon Dec 11 17:02:42 CST 2000