This is a photo I took one afternoon in Kemah, Texas. No particular relevance, I just like it.

How I spent my summer vacation in 1981.

I spent almost three years working on the well logging software for trucks like these two. The one in the background is rigged up over a test well, the one in the foreground has the boom stowed.

This i486-based computer, with a lot of strange peripherals, ran the trucks. These pictures are of the lab system, identical to the ones in the trucks except for being Frankensteined.

This is the "old" truck system replaced by the one above.

I spent a few months at Corning working on the controls for this lathe which is used in the manufacturing of optical fiber.

Most of the control points were in the chemical cabinet. Controlling the mechanical bits of the lathe itself was comparatively simple.

This weird monster is a machine for destructive testing of highways. The truck axle assemblies run on a vertical "racetrack" in the 50-ton enclosure. My involvement in this was only as a middleman on some of the data aquisition stuff, but the pictures are cool.