The Cryptographer's Prayer
A Poem for Jay
Land of Enchanting Lesbian Poetesses
Break a Rib
Speaking Part
News Item on the poet Yevtushenko.
Learning C++
Human Cargo (unfinshed)
Small Talk
An haiku.
Untitled Graphiti
Fields and Waves A very early piece.

Poems I Wish I Could Have Written

Freedom by Glenis Redmond
Boy, Cat, Canary by Stephen Spender Child Naming Flowers and A Story About the Body by Robert Hass. Under the Boathouse and A Sign for My Father, Who Stressed the Bunt by David Bottoms.


Norman and Saxon (A.D. 1100) by Rudyard Kipling; a poem every politician should take to heart.
Mathematics Teachers by JoAnne Growney of Bloomsburg University, Mathematics Magazine Oct. 1997 p. 272.