Speaking Part

What are they teaching these kids?
All they talk about is "speaking parts",
as if there were two different kinds
of acting. Nonsense! Pass the salt?

Thank you. It's as ridiculous as saying
that actions speak louder than words.
If I wanted loud I would hire opera singers.
Or construction workers!

I am calm, thank you. No, what matters
isn't loud, it's truth. If a word is true to the
thoughts and feelings of a character then
the actor must speak the word. Otherwise
he must not. Stand here, turn thus,
pick up this object, speak these words.
It's all the same. Whatever is true, the
good actor does.

Opera singers, yes! Or a whole troop
of baboons. But I'll tell you who I wouldn't
hire: I would never hire a man in love.
Horrible actors. Not one in ten thousand
of the poor bastards understands love
is a speaking part.